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13. State the condition of rural labour indian economy. 
14. What is land? Suggest any three ways to sustain land. 
15. "Green Revolution is associated with loss of soil fertility." In the light of the statement mention five problems caused by modern farming.  (HOTS) 

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15)    The five problem caused by the modern farming are the following-
  • Decrease of fertility of soil.
  • use of chemical fertilisers pollute the ground water.
  • Reduce the ground water level as Hyv seed require more water.
  • Chemical fertilisers kills the microorganism and bacteria in the soil.
  • Leads to environmental degradation.
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Conditions of rural labour is always critical:

They don't have proper leaves or holidays.
They are made to do continuous long hours of work.
Labours are getting exhausted working in that factories.
Very  less  amount of money is paid to them as salaries.
Condition of women and children is horrible.
Many people often lose their life in factory but owners dont bother about them.
Very strict corporal punishments are been given to the labours if the work is not done properly.

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hi , the answer for 14 is [ land is the part of earth which is not covered with water . land is the most important natural resource because human being obtain most of their needs from it. ] { afforestation, mulching, rock dam, contour barriers, terrace farming, intercropping shelter belts and contour ploughing etc
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