Please answer all the questions related with diagram

Please answer all the questions related with diagram QÄ3. The figure shows the reproductive system and the urinary system in a hu n ma Ail Name the organs la ed A, nal artery? Which of the ves s P r Qis d om the diagram? State how thi ca State one ction of each the following organs- A, B, C, D. ube•labeled E. f ctions o State t led R and the substance that is produced by it. Na ctso is substance on the body. :i.S two C produces sperm cells. These contain only half as many he as other body cells. rom one planation for this am e part of the sperm cell which contains the chromosomes

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i. A -  Right Kidney   B -  Ureter   C -  Testis    D - Penis

ii. Q is the renal artery.

iii. Renal artery is a pair of blood vessels which arise from the abdominal aorta and supplies blood to kidney. The direction marked at the top of the renal tube is showing that Q is renal artery.

iv. A -  They help regulating water balance in the body and are responsible for excretion of waste materials from the body. 
​​​​B -  Each ureter carries urine from the respective kidney to the urinary bladder where it gets stored until it is passed through the urethra.
C - It produces the male gametes sperms and hormones.
D - It is the male sex organ which also functions as conduit for urine to leave the body

v. E is Urethra. It is a tubular part in the lower abdomen which carries urine to the urinary bladder. It mainly helps in transportation only.  It functions in ejaculating semen. This tube carries urine / sperm from bladder to outside of the body.
vi . Adrenal glands are the glands that are located on the top of each kidney. It releases the hormone called adrenaline
vii.  adrenaline is released in a time of fear, excitement or any other high power feeling  in blood which increases the power of decision making.
viii. a) Meiosis
b) Nucleus

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