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Please answer all in the blanks by forming abstract nouns from the words given in the 'ers 'ked,. e abß-ity Gandhili•s spread far and wide (great) Flies in the room can cause a good deal ot (irritate) 3 6 7. 8. 9 10 We must take against poachers, (act) _ of time. Seema lived in Londoru (long) The clown portrayed both funny and sad (erpress) To tell a be is a sign of Our constitution grants us Mrs Minwalla'5 (cowardly) _ (equal) towards her students is invaluable. (dedicate) (educate. successful) A good is wealth. (know) is the beginning of

Dear Student,

1. greatness
2. irritation
3. action
4. length
5. expression
6. cowardice
7. equality
8. dedication
9. knowledge
10. education, success


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