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If we plot the given data keeping I on x axis and V on y axis., we will get a straight slant line graph as shown below
What does the slope of the VI graph of a conductor class 10 physics CBSE
Slope of this line gives resistance of resistor.
Here,R =V2 -V1I2 -I1 =1.42-0.660.47-0.22 =0.760.25= 3.04 OhmR =V3 -V2I3 -I2 =2.54-1.420.85-0.47 =1.120.38= 2.95 OhmR =V4 -V3I4 -I3 =3.16-2.541.05 - 0.85 =0.620.2= 3.1 OhmHere, R will be constant and can be given is R =VI


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