Please answer ....:

(b) A strong wind __________ since yesterday. ( to blow)
(c) When I met him for the first time he ________  a book. (to read) 
(d) The French woman ________in Assam for ten years and has no wish to leave it. (to live) 
(e) His father who ________him a large fortune died yesterday. (to leave) 
(f) Sachin ________ the century before I switched on the TV. (to score) 
(g) I asked her what she ________(to want) 
(h) Please wait, I ________ lunch. (to have) 


Dear Student,
Given below is the answer to your question.

b) has been blowing
c) was reading
d) has been living
e) left
f) scored
g) wanted
h) am having

a) was crying
b) had died
c) invites
d) have been watching
e) asked
f) would have helped
g) have been living
h) goes

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Thank you.  

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