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A) AIDS belong to sexually transmitted disease.
A Sexually transmitted disease (STD) is a disease that gets transferred from one person to another through sexual contact. Some common sexually transmitted diseases are herpes, HIV-AIDS, Hepatitis B, syphilis, gonorrhoea etc. Gonorrhoea and syphilis are bacterial infections, while HIV-AIDS , hepatitis (caused by Hepatitis B) and herpes are viral infections. 
Causative organism is HIV virus of AIDS.

B)No, it was not right decision by head of company to terminate him as AIDS doesnt spread through contact but  AIDS   spreads through sexual contact like sexual intercourse as well as blood contact like blood transfusion from an infected person to healthy person, during pregnancy (between infected mother and baby), use of infected needles and syringes as well as through breast-feeding.
So, AIDS victims shall not be treated as untouchables by the society. 

C) The society should instead help the patient cope up with the stress he/she is going through. They should also spread awareness about this disease in the youth.  


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