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The most acceptable theory for origin of life is biochemical theory of evolution given by Urey and Miller in 1952. It suggests that various elements such as carbon, hydrogen, Nitrogen etc came together to form molecules like carbohydrates, proteins etc. These molecules came together to form the first cell and the origin of life took place. This theory is called as theory of Abiogenesis.
 They conducted an experiment in which they created an atmosphere containing CH4 , H2, H2O, and NH3 in a reaction vessel. Next, they ran a continuous electric current through the system, to simulate lightning, resulting in the production of several small organic molecules including urea, hydrogen cyanide, acetic acid and amino acids. These amino acids are the building blocks of proteins in living cells.

Hence this shows that life originated from inanimate matter. The single celled bacteria was the first life form on earth.

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