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Please answer fast SheetoJ •s speed along TXJth A Shc•ctol •s speed along B Total Shectars 0\crogc speed Shectars — T Imc Sheetal's &elocity — 44.83 Effect of speed and on Sachin is travelling on a Ex— gill happen In the eve• 'sec figure 1.3). l. What uill be the effect vebciy motorcycle if its .eed increÄ dlrecnon remains 2. In case ofa tumuwm the will speed be sutx? If changes tix drrecti• of keepitw its speed consÄ. be effect the veiocny? 3. If. a turt.. Sachin cb— . as of on Its

Dear Student,

1. If the speed of the motorcycle increases or decreases but direction remains unchanged, the velocity will  also increase or decrease as velocity is a vector quantity which means that it has both magnitude and direction. So, when the direction is unchanged, the speed of the motorcycle = velocity of the motorcycle.

2. In case of turning on the road, velocity will change while speed remains the same. Speed is scalar quantity but velocity is vector quantity so by turning, the magnitude is remaining same but the direction is changing.
The velocity will change even if the speed is constant when the direction is changed.

3. Then also the velocity will change as velocity depends on both magnitude and direction.

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