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Such questions are meant to test your writing skills and should be attempted on your own. However, these points might help you elaborate:

- There could be some problems when a wall is assigned by the Principal to students for painting to show their creative talent.
- The first thing would be to get a team together as it cannot be an individual's responsibility.
- That can be done by approaching the Art Club and the members of the club will happily volunteer as this gives them a chance to exhibit their talent!
- Then comes the task of deciding a theme to display on the wall: it should be a universal theme with relevance for at least a few years as the wall cannot be repainted very often!
- Some themes can be put forward to the team and they can vote to decide the topic: gender equality, women empowerment, child labour, etc.
- Take help of the Art teacher to guide your team on how to reach consensus over the material to be used, the pictures to be drawn, etc.
- The best solution top any difference of opinion would be to have an open dialogue and reach a consensus.

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1 The problems may be that principal would not give permission to paint the wall . All student would not get chance to paint a single wall.
2 To make it a team work ideas of every student should be included in painting the wall. Every student should be assigned a corner of the wall to show his or her creativity. Everyone should get chance to hold the brush.
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