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Q. Writing about a loved one is much better than building statues or making their portraits. Justify.

Dear student,

While monuments built of stone wear out with time, words written in loving memory of someone always stay in the world and do not perish with time. They are rear and remembered by generations to come even when the monuments may have lost their beauty and evidence of existence, words continue to pave their way forward. The beauty lies in the fact that the meaning conveyed and the feelings poured out in the form of words does not change but the monuments o not remain the same for long. Words about loved ones express far more than monuments. The deep feelings that are penned down on the paper have the power to stir hearts and create memories. However, monuments are simply building that are made of concrete and steel. They cannot stand the test of time and other natural forces and therefore, perish after sometime. On the other hand, what is written is etched in the hearts of people.


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