Please answer it fast

Please answer it fast ASSIGNMENT A. Insert 'a' or 'an' where required i" the gaps in the following pu, mark where no article is required. L Sibia did act by saving the Woman. 2 Not many liked the film, but quite liked its He Can't afford Such expensive shirt. prefer classical music rock music. She pen and wrote letter. glass, unlike w „ poor conductor of He takes „ glass of „ Water before going to play football. Ilneir function tumed out to be quite I have only read — „ little of the Luiok so far. 10. He needs few books from the library, _ Insert the definite article where required in the Sentences. a 'x' mark Where no article is required.

Dear Student,

Here are your answers - 

1. an
2. a, no article is required
3. an
4. no article, no article
5. a, a
6. no article, no article, a, the
7. a, no article
8. an
9. a
10. a


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