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The outbreak of Novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) was initially noticed in a seafood market in Wuhan city in Hubei Province of China in mid- December, 2019.The official names COVID-19 and SARS-CoV-2 were issued by the WHO on 11 February 2020.
Imapct on social life-
1.Impact of Covid-19 has been multiple and not only limited to society at large. From the perspective of the economy both rural and urban have been impacted adversely. 
2. Just after a few weeks of social distancing and self-isolation because of Covid-19, we have noticed the decline in our social interactions and might have felt the change in our mental and physical health.
3.Both loneliness  and social isolation  can triggered a cascade of stress hormones that produce physiological changes like increased heart rate, increased muscle tension and thickening of blood. 
4.Due to lockdown , social isolation can lead to several chronic conditions like hypertension, increased heart rate, increased levels of stress hormones and even accelerated ageing.
Impact On Education- According to a survey,some impact are seen
1.Over 1.5 million schools across India closed down due to the pandemic A switch to large-scale digital education is not possible now.
2. Only 24 per cent house-holds have access to the internet, according to a 2019 government survey.
3.In rural India, the numbers are far lower, with only 4 per cent households having access The education ministry’s budget for digital e-learning was slashed to Rs 469 crore in 2020-21—the year Covid struck—from Rs 604 crore the previous year
4.Teachers who are all experts in Blackboard, Chalk, books, and classroom teaching are really new to this digital teaching and this is felt so far.


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