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Please answer me in a flewminutes 32 33. 34 ouÉsT10N 3 the plural form cf the in in 'he follcwng 31.1. (Paramedic) assisted the Villagers. a 12. (A lady} lost (a har-.dbag), he of vub in brackets. Many th-eirpreachers 3.22 A young boy (todimb) through the Windows. , Identify and "rite down figures Of speech sentences Choose f,-m7 the toltmving: Simile. personification 3.3.t Thev like headless 3.3.2_ We in 3.33 Death knocking at Church door the sentences by writing the Superlative cf the adjectives in brackets. 3.4. l. Climbing through the Window was {dangerous) thing to do. 34_2_ Preacher MlaChake nas {v,eak) cithem all. use either a prefix or a suffix change the meaning of the underlined The angel was to the preacher. 35.2. for the world to end so soon. 35.3. The trumpet sound disturbed an ser.'ice. (1

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