Please answer negative to affirmative

Please answer negative to affirmative D Change the '9 • 4. 6. 8. 9. There is no rose without a thorn Every rose has a thorn This is not an Impossible task. The Principal did not disagree With ttbe The horse c]'d not gallop fast I Could not hear any sound from room This 's not a good idea, There is not much water lett in the glass Nobody was absent. The two brothers are not unlike each other NO one could deny that he was handsome, Transformation Of Sentences (Interchanging Exclamatory and Assertive Sentences) • An exclamatory sentence or • mark For example: HOW fOOOSk What a Lnqerous a knee'* B exclamatory sentences stated above. How "tat A4ect/ue to lnterckan« Exclamatory sentences For exa•: has been A Ottu knowled« ts a very t—

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2.this is an possible task.
3. The principal disagree with the plan.
4.the horse gallop fast.
5. I could hear the sound from the room.
6. This is a good idea.
7. There is much water left in the glass.
9. The two brothers are unlike each other.
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affirmative sentence is positive sentence....convert your sentence into positive by removing not from the sentence.....
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this is an impossible task
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