please answer Q 20.
please answer Q 20. • JCBA.J E is the mid-point 17. In the given figure. ABCD is a parallelogram, or BC. DE produced meets AB produced at L Prove that ; AL — 2 DC. 18. Equilateral triangles ABD and ACE are drawn on the sides AB and AC of A-ABC as shown in the figure. prove that . DC BE. (i) zmc LEAB (Hint. (i) + ZBAC and LEAB 600 + MAC. Join DC and BE and show that ADAC ABAE.] 19. In the given figure, ABCD is a square and P, Q, R are points On -4B, BC and CD Such that AP BQ CR and .ZPQR - 90'. Prove that : (iii) ZQPR - 450 [Hint. AB PB = QC Ext ZRQB ZQC'R ZQRC = 900 + ARC. Also, ,ZRQB = 900 + ZPQB. ZQRC = ZPQB Note, show that APBQ AQCR.J 20. In the given figure, ABCD is a square, EF II BD and R is the (ii) AR bisects ZBAD (iii) If AR is p , it will pass through C. 21. ABCD is a parallelogram in which and ZC are obtuse. Points X and Yare taken on diagonal BD such that LAXD zCYB 900. Prove that : XA = YC. 98 ConstrucUon : From W. Statement i. and zxnc Hence, Theorem 2. (Converse o' c Foundation Mathematics for Class IX to them are TO prove XB XC. Construction From år Proof. State 2. xXCO Henee, Triangles

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