Please answer Q21 and tell why the other row is incorrect.

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Solution X: forms white precipitate
Ba2+ + H2SO4  BaSO4 + 2H+
                                 (white ppt.)
BaSO4 is a white precipitate. 
CaSO4 is water-soluble as it is found in hard water.
CuSO4 is water-soluble and forms a blue-colored solution.
FeSO4 is water-soluble and forms a greenish-colored solution.

Solution Y: bubbles of a colorless gas
CO32- + H2SO4 CO2 + SO42- + H2O
CO2 is a colorless gas that bubbles from the solution.
Cl- and NO3- forms HCl and HNO3 which are water-soluble


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A is correct
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