Please answer question number 7a

Please answer question number 7a at is appen•ng In shows a part of organ in human body : indicated by the guidelines. are not shown in the diagram ? Hons of parts labelled 1 and 2. cance of this organ others than hearing ? iympan canal 5 2 3 4 box are a set of 12 biological terms, which c le has been done for you as an example. e by you ac (i) to ?urohypophysis, Hypersecretion of GSH, Addison's disease, Pancreas, Deficiency Undersecretion of thyroid hormones, Islet ;oitre — Deficiency of dietary iodine.

Dear student,
The image posted by you is incomplete and questions are not clearly visible as they are cut in image.Kindly post the complete image so that the experts can help you with your query.

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incomplete pic
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