Please answer questions 7 8 9

Please answer questions 7 8 9 The time for half-like period of certain reaction, A products is I h. When the initial concentration of the reactant • A'. is mol I. how much time does it take tor its concentration to come from 0.50 to 0.25 mol if it is to elastic n of all the as more temperature : 2-0.301) (2013) product the M in 40 ation of A is (2012) M,'min very rise the (2011) (2011) a zero order reaction ? (a)4h Consider the reaction, (2010) (bi 0.5 h (d)lh S. 10. S (s) v 2W (aq) tag) The rate equation for this reaction is. rate = k [H.S] Which of mechanisms is'are consistent with this rxte equation ? (A) (Stow) HS- + S(fast) 4 HS (fast equilibrium) Cu. + HSÄ2Cl-+W+S(slow) (2010) 12. 14. (a) (B) only (c) Neither ( A) nor (B) (b) Both (A) and (B) (d) (A) only The half life period ofa first otxler chemical reaction is 693 minutes. The Lime required tor the completion of of the chemical reaction will be (log 2 0.301) (2009) ltd.. the (a) 230.3 minutes (c) minutes (b) 23.03 minutes (d) 460.6 minutes For a reaction LA 2B, rate oCdisappearance of •A'is related to the rate of appearance of •B' by exptessiod 10. (2008)

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