Please answer the 10 one

Please answer the 10 one total profit was 4000, find the value at R,vhich the consignment was purc A grocer bought sugar worth oft 4500. He sold one-third ofit at 10% gain. At what gain pei the remaining sugar be sold to have a 12% gain on the whole? A man buys a piece of land for 384000. He sells two-fifths of it ate loss of At what gai

Net worth of total sugar =
rs 4500
1/3 of total sugar =1/3*4500=1500
10% of 1500=150
so,he get rs 1500+150=1650 when he sold 1/3 of total sugar at 10% profit.
He must gain 12% profit on total sugar 
so, total sugar sold at rs4500+540= rs 5040
he had already gained rs 1650
so, now he want rs 5040-1650=rs 3390
he had left with sugar worth rs 4500-1500=3000
Now, let the gain percent on 2/3 of sugar be x
so, x% of 3000 = 3390-3000
x/100*3000= 390
x= 390/30
x= 13
Therefore,he must sold the remaining sugar at 13% gain so as to get 12% gain on total sugar
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It is right.

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