Please answer the 3 hots questions

Please answer the 3 hots questions help in doing waste! h' to segregate waste jnto non b" •degradable? the tolhming questions •n detail. E 'plain detail the between and non-btodegradable waste HOTS 2 tiu• What is jourth 'P' e/ management and why substante. from which comps' mav formed Describe therm The Indian Government has made it compulsory ior all vehicles to have a •Pollutu.M Control' certificate Why r, this necessary? 2. animal products should not be used In vermicomposting? 3. the process to recycle electric and electrome products such as televisiors, mobile phones ? Enhance Your Life Skills.......... or own vermicomposting pit in Vour school garden Takea 'l ect trom the kitchen as as

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2. Vermicomposting is the breakdown of organic material by the joint action of microorganisms and red worms to convert it into useful soil conditioner. Because animal product contain too much oil or fat which can hinder the breathing  of the worms, as these worms breathe through their skin. Also adding more of animal product to the Vermicompost would increase the difficulty of maintaining low odour and healthy compost.

3. Electronic products such as TV, computer etc. constitute e-waste. E-waste management is done by a process called electronic recycling.

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