Please answer the below question in geography chp 1

Please answer the below question in geography chp 1 . During - promems and measures Land Utilization Conclusions 'ther students dy method concepts :perienced isits are :rstanding 'ans and t, decide sit. The field- ocation e to be means visit help a Give reasons why following sentences (1) The main aim of distributional maps is to show location. V,) Q 2. (2) In choropleth maps, only one value is assigned to the sub-administrative unit. (3) In choropleth maps, colours/tints do not change according to the values of the variables. h) (4) Choropleth maps are used to show altitudes. Q RÜ (5) Isopleth maps are used to show population distribution. ( / i) (6) In dot method, every dot shc;uid have an appropriate (7) Isopleth maps are not made using isolines. ? 7 (8) Distribution of various geographical elements can be shown using dot method. Answer in brief. (l) Explain the use and types of distributional maps. (2) Differentiate betweerf' choropleth and isopleths methods. (3) Explain with reasons the method which is best suited to show the distribution of population in a region. Which method will you use fot the following information ? (I) Talukawise wheat production in the district (2) Distribution of the altitude of the land in the district

Dear student,
There are three major types of distributional maps. They are:

1- Dot Distribution or Density map
2-Choropleth map

3-Proportional Circles map

The uses of distributional maps are as follows:

a.Maps provide detailed information and provide topographical data in much more detail than a globe. 

b. Maps are easier to prepare, and can be modified as physical or political situations change (road maps, for example).

c. Maps can give information related to everything be it physical features of Earth, boundaries of countries, cities, towns , even distribution of rainfall, industries can easily be marked and learnt.


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