Please answer the following :
a. What are the reasons for littering beaches?
​b. What are the kind of materials mostly discarded on the beaches?
​c. What are the problems caused due to the littering of beaches?
​d. What are the possible solutions?
e. What can we do about littering of beaches?

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a. People litter on beach due to various reasons. It may be due to their state of mind or carefree attitude, 
lack of knowledge for the consequences or non-availability of dustbins, garbage bags etc.
b. Plastic debris, water bottles, tobacco packets etc are mostly discarded on beaches.
c. Litters gets washed up to the water, as a result of which it leads to water pollution. Creates hazard to aquatic animals as they often consider litter as food material. Clearing litters also costs huge amount of money.
d. Plastics and other non-biodegradable bags or packets should be avoided on beaches. Paper bags, jute bags or any biodegradable bags can be used. There should be sufficient number of dustbins and garbage bags present. Boards or placard​ should be positioned​ mentioning the do's and dont's.
e. The answer is same as fourth answer.

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1]​ Beach and ocean litter

You're at your favourite beach wiggling your feet in the sand, sifting a handful of shells to look at, and listening to the seagulls' plaintive cries. Ouch! You slice your toe on a broken beer bottle. Yuk! There are more cigarette butts and lolly wrappers than shells in your hand. Oh no! That seagull sounds distressed - its head is stuck in a beer six-pack holder.
2]A trash-strewn beach. ... prohibiting the disposal of waste materials into the ocean, and for regulating the discharge of wastes through pipelines into the ocean.
ollution gets into the sea from many sources but it all results in the same thing – swimming in our seas can make you ill. Raw, untreated sewage gets washed into the sea through combined sewer overflows (CSO’s) which discharge storm water, supposedly only in heavy rain. However, MCS is aware that many CSO’s spill more frequently and pollute our seas.
4]Finding possible solutions. Finding a solution to a problem involves constructing a course of action that will transform your current situation into one where your objective has been achieved. Some problems require no further analysis once they have been defined effectively.

Raw sewage is full of bacteria and viruses. Swimming in water contaminated with sewage can cause gastroenteritis, respiratory illness and ear, nose and throat infections. Shellfish grown in sewage-contaminated waters can cause food poisoning, because shellfish concentrate toxins in their tissues.


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