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2. Garima was presented a book of fairy tales by Amit. OR A book of fairy tales was presented to Garima by Amit.
3. A generous donation is given to the orphanage every month by Mahima. OR The orphanage is given a generous donation every month by Mahima.
4. A bouquet of orchids was sold to Mrs Menon by the florist. OR Mrs Menon was sold a bouquet of orchids by the florist.
5. The customer was charged a reasonable sum by the plumber for repairing the tap. OR A reasonable sum was charged from the customer by the plumber, for repairing the tap.
6. The trophy was handed over to the winning team by the chief guest. OR The winning team was handed over the trophy by the chief guest.
7. The books are being issued to the students by the librarian. OR The students are being issued the books by the librarian.
8. A detailed description of the monument was given to the tourists by the guide. OR The tourists were given a detailed description of the monument by the guide.

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