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1.what did jerome feel that his visit to a doctor a good turn?

2.rewrite in your words the experiences of jerome nature in camping out?

3. what were the things thaat georoge suggest to take with them?

4. off the three friends how do you thing as the best packers or the worst packer? why ?

5.why had a small croud collected when the friends were about to start their journey?

6.why did haris the map of the maze at hampton has pratical jokes?

7. write short note on boating costume of the three friends?

8. how did haris and jerome response to the accusationthat they weretresspassing?

9. narrate any funnythatone commanly seesup the rivers in connection with towing ?

10. what difficult they face white erecting the canvas?

As of now, we will not be able to answer questions related to 'Three Men in a Boat'. However, a detailed summary of the novel, major themes and character sketches have been provided for your convenience. You are invited to answer the questions on your own and get back to us for feedback. We will be happy to help you suitably.

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do you really think we would anwer that much??

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