Please answer the following question

Please answer the following question NONE PRIORITY ALL GENERAL INFORMATION: Do not use plastic file folders to submit the holidays homework, instead use hand-made me folders. Go eco-friendly! Say WO' to plastic! ENGLISH Kindly note: • A1/ the questlons are mandatory. QI to 9 are to be done In the falr reglster. • QI O is to be Size white Sheet. 1) Why grandmother distressed with City school'S education? 2) Did the boys retum the horse because they were conscience - Stricken or because they were afraid? Support your ansner with suitable arguments 3) 'The Address' is a story of human predicament that follows war. Comment. 4) What does the phrase "transient feet" suggest? 5) Yau nant to sell your flat in the posh area Of Chandigarh Draft an advertisement for the classifieds column of the newspaper. 6) You are a Chartered Accountant and looking out for a suitable job. Draft an advertisement for the Classified column Of the nenspager_ 7) The Sports captain Of Srir•arn Global School. draft a notice to be put up on the school notice board, giving details about an inter house athletic meet 8) AS the manager af Blue public Schaal write a letter to Tarzan and Company, Fumiture Manufacturer, New Delhi. to place an artier far school furniture. The tendency towards violence among young people IS specially a cause for concern. Write an article in about 150 Words on "Teen Aggression and the Media" _ You are Abhijeet/ Anita Design a newspaper cover page on the topic "Say No to Plastic". The cover page must include articles. pictures. and a poster (mandataryn The Cover page is to be made an a Size "hite Sheet. MATHS Do exercises of Chapter I and 3 in a separate notebook Complete the given assignment and Submit in a folder

Dear Student,
Answer to Q 7 is :
27th June, 2018
This is to inform all the students that an inter house athletic meet is going to be organised by the school sports club at the school playground on 30th June, 2018 at 10 am. Interested students are requested to submit their names to the Principal within tomorrow.
(Sports Captain)

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