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 As you have asked many question is one thread so i am giving you answer of question 9 .For other question is request you to please ask other question in separate thread to get fast and effect help from our experts.
9 . organsims Taenia solium - fragmentation is incorrect because  Taenia solium are usually reproduce by asexually by budding .
In Monocystis , the gametocytes undergo multiple fission called gametogony to produce large number of gametes.
Gonyaulax contains a dinokaryotic nucleus and spend a majority of their life cycle in a haploid phase , binary fission takes place .
Yeast like other fungi may have asexual and sexual reproduction cycles .The most common mode of vegetative growth is asexual by budding in yeast, where a small bud is formed on the parent cell. 
So , the incorrect match is taenia solium .

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