Please answer the question 11 planning ...

Please answer the question 11 planning ... Mares auestions What is meant by 'Planning'? Cist any of planning. Explain any three limitations Of planning. What do you mean by Standing and Single-use Plans? What is meant by •Programme' as a type Plan? Explain 'Method' as one Of the types of plans, Explain •Strategy' as one Of the types of plans. Explain any three points of importance of planning Explain any three features of 'Planning.' J Define 'Planning'. Explain the first two steps in the process of planning. State the main aspects in (he concept of planning? How does controlling help in "Judging accuracy oi standards" and • Ensunng and discipline." Marks Questions What are the main features to be considered by the management or

Dear student. Ques11- Controlling helps in judging accuracy of standards as through strategic controlling we can easily judge whether the standard or target set are accurate or not. An accurate control system revises standards from time to time to match them with environmental changes. Controlling also ensures order and discipline as control creates an atmosphere of order and discipline in the organisation. Effective controlling system keeps the subordinates under check and makes sure they perform their functions efficiently. Sharp control can have a check over dishonesty and fraud of employees. Hope it is clear to you. Regards

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