Please answer the question pragnyashree Rath i have send this paragraph

Please answer the question pragnyashree Rath i have send this paragraph mmar q. t. Read the passage Riven below answer the that The culture or nuclear fashion. Parents onen brtng•ng up children these days. 100 much of freedom in demand. too much parties. eVtravagance. splurging pocket money; no A common cry ot such families. Aren't parents. themselves. responsible this Ot a growing youth is the family. love, attention and bonding along forget that 'Chanty begins at home'. Independence and individuality both need to be maintain the sanctity Of family. Children. today are to be handled with tact to widening generation gap. Only the reasonable demands need to be tuW\lted. as there ate expenses to be met and top many social Obligations to be taken cate of by patents lived happily in joint families. Children loved to live with their cousins. learnt to was perfect harmony between the generations. There never existed the concept ot old-.e There was deep respect for the family elders and love, care and concern for the the ces were solved amicably.

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3. Explain "charity begins at home".
The first and foremost responsibility of a person is to take care of his family and home. Nowadays it is very crucial to explain the children about the family values, to respect and admire others, and to be compassionate. The parents should understand that the basic need of a growing youth is love, affection, attention and bonding in family along with moral values. Thus, it is important to take care of the family prior to anything else.

4. Describe the atmosphere in joint families:
People in joint family live more happily, without any discrepancies among young and elders, but with perfect harmony. They tend to be more adjusting, caring, have deep respect for each other at home. The family members support each other, give courage at crucial situations, young ones love to play with their cousins, and the minor family differences can be solved amicably.

5. "Sanctity" means holiness of life.


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