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Please answer the question Q.3. Make changes in the given sentences as instructed in the brackets. a. She is a poor speaker. (exclamatory) b. You should write a letter today. (interrogative) c. What a beautiful garden! (declarative) d. It was a terrible accident. (exclamatory) e. He sings very well. (interrogative) f. She enjoyed the party last night. (negative) g. Thinking and writing is a good combination. (exclamatory) h. She will not come here tomorrow. (positive) i. There are four lawyers standing there. (interrogative)

Dear Student,
The answers are:
a. What a poor speaker she is!
b. Should you write a letter today?
c. The garden is very beautiful.
d. What a terrible accident it was!
e. How does he sing?
f. She didn't enjoy the party last night.
g. What a good combination singing and writing is!
h. She will come here tomorrow.
i. Are there four lawyers standing there? or How many lawyers are standing there?


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