Please answer these ques if u are free!

Please answer these ques if u are free! 2. 4. 5. 6. 7. 10. 2. 3. Rajan bought a car today. (Change voice) Virtue has as own reward. (Interrogative) Sachin has done well. (Exclamatory) Rahul is as strong as Madan. (Change the degree) Radha failed although she have put in so much hard work. (simple sente The lions do not attack young babies. (change the voice) Why quarrel with neighbours? (Assenive) Antonio was one of the best speakers ofthe world. (change the degrec Somebody blocked way (Change the voice) I love him more than his father. (Change the degree ofcomparison) Very few flowers are as beautiful at rose (Change the degree e!compa I heard ofhls an•ival (Change into complex sentences) Old age is really curse. (Elab017tory) As soon as he come in, all got up to slap him. (Negative) The manager organised the workshop for teachers. (Change the voice Amit is the strongest boy in the class. (Change the degree of Adjective A soon as the reached the platfonn. the metro left. (Change into nega

Dear Student,

  1. A car was bought by Rajan today.
  2. Does virtue has a reward?
  3. How well has he done!
  4. Rahul is not stronger than Madan.
  5. Inspite of putting so much hard work Radha failed.
  6. Young babies are not attacked by the lions.
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2. Virtue has as own reward.
Answer:does Virtue has as own reward?
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3]sachin has done well!
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a car was bought by Rajan today
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