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Please answer these questions worth were were given away as charity. Goods worth 5,000 were destroyed by fire. stolen by an employee. (iO Goods worth 3,000 were distributed as free sample. (v) Goods worth 2,500 were paid income-tax 5,000 through cheque. 19B Journalise the following transactions of Krishna Bros. . (ii) Amount due from Mahesh e 20,000 is irrecoverable as he became insolvent (iii' An amount 500 which was written offas bad debts in previous year Sohan who owes 10,000 became insolvent, only 50 paise in a rupee is (v) Cheque, which was received from Mohan, deposited into the Bank the next {Ans. 56,500] 20. Journalise the following transactions in the books of Harpreet : (i) Goods worth 50,000 and cash 20,000 were stolen by an employee. (ii) Goods costing e 10,000 were returned to Ram Bros., as the goods were health of consumers. [Ans. Total of J,'E 80,000] 21. Pass Journal entries of the following transactions : (i) Sold goods costing 12,000 to Bansal Bros., issued invoice at 20% above cost less trade discount. (ii) Rajveer become insolvent. He paid 10,000 in full settlement out of 15,000. [Ans. Total of UE 27,960] (B) Very Short/Short Answer Type Questions 22. Journalise : (i) Goods worth 500 were given as charity. (ii) Received 975 from Harikishan in full settlement of his account 1,000. (iii) Received a first and final dividend of 60 paise in a rupee from the official receiver ofYd Ranjan, who owed 100. 23. Journalise : (i) Goods worth 400 were given as charity out of business. (ii) Received cash 500 of a debt written off last year. (iii) Interest charged on drawings @ 5%. Total drawings were 10,000. 24k Journalise the following transactions : (i) A textile mill buys yarn for making cloth for 20,000 and pays GST @ (ii) The textile mill sells its product (cloth) to the garment manufacturer for cash collects GST @ 8%. (iii) Textile mill deposit the difference ofamount of GST paid and GST collected into GST Input 800, GST output 4,000; Amount to be deposited into GST e 3,200 4,000-800)) 24B Journalise the following transactio (i) Goods destroyed by iire. 5B JO

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