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19.  A barometer tube reads 75 cm of Hg. If tube is gradually inclined at an angle of 30 ° ° with horizontal, keeping the open end in the mercury container, then find the length of column in the barometer tube

(1) 86.7 cm
(2) 150 cm
(3) 75 cm
(4) 92.5 cm

20.  A metallic sphere weighing 3 kg in air is held by a string so as to be completely immersed in a liquid of relative density 0.8. The relative density of metallic is 10. The tension in the string is 

(1) 18.7 N
(2) 42.5 N
(3) 32.7 N
(4) 27.6 N


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Tension in string will be equal to apparent weight of sphere inside liquidWhen sphere is immersed in liquid then apparent weight of sphere will beWApparent=Mρρ-σgWhere ρ is density of metallic sphere and σ is density of liquidWApparent=M1-σρgT=WApparent=M1-σρg=31-0.81010=27.6N
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