Please ANSWER THIS ASAPPP 7 'I'he following paragraph has not been edited. 'I'here is one error in each line. Write the error and its correction as shown in the example. 4 To be the champion we need to have a stronger urge to be at the top. A long list of icons has made our country pride in the Error e.g the (a) (b) Correction past and will continue to do so. Sports is the integral (c) part of our lives or we need to understand (d) that a game is not justify a hobby or leisure (e) means of living life. (f) It is the platform to checking and better one's capability and competent. activity instead it can being a (g) (h)

Dear student,

   Error          Correction
a. stronger     strong
b. pride          proud
c. the             an
d. or               and
e. justify         just
f. being          be
g. checking     check
h. competent   competency


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