Please answer this fill up

Please answer this fill up — unbelievable and frightening. 5. Fill in Cho blanks in paragraph given by choosing most appropriate from the ones any four, Write the in blank •A lift up your mood easily. When you eat (b' Chocolates (a) (ii) the of (ii) by chocolate, chemical called serotonin is makes you feel good. According relieve persistent cough. in the brain (d) a research, chocolates can also (a) (i) can (i) some (i) release (i) it (i) to (iii could releasing which (iii) (iii) an released (iii) they (iii) for (iii) (iv) was releases those P.T.O.

Dear Student.

a) i) can
b) iv) a
c) iii) released
d) ii) which
e) i) to

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