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Doctrine of lapse.
Before the introduction of this doctrine, the princely states had a ritualised method of adoption practised for centuries An heir apparent would eventually be selected from a pool of candidates, who were groomed for succession from an early age, called bhayats if no competent born-to son were produced (an obviously unsuitable or treasonous born-to son could be excluded from the succession). Many states like Sambalpur, satara, jhansi were captured by British using this policy.
policy of ring fence-
The Ring-Fence policy was a doctrine enacted by Warren Hasting which involved defending their neighbors' frontiers in order to safeguard their own territories. This was reflected in the East India Company's war against the Marathas and the Mysore Kingdom.
In a Subsidiary Alliance, princely rulers were forbidden from making any negotiations and treaty with any other Indian ruler without first making inquires to Company officials. They were also forbidden from maintaining any standing armies.
Effects of the Subsidiary Alliance
As a result of Indian rulers disbanding their armies, many people were rendered unemployed.
Many Indian states lost their independence and slowly, most parts of India were coming under British control.
The Nizam of Hyderabad was the first to accept the Subsidiary Alliance in 1798.


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