Please answer this.......I want the meaning of these words and also frame sentences

Dear Student,
1.Dawn can be defined as the first light from the sunrise. E.g. She went out for picking up the flowers even before the crack of dawn 
2. Dignitaries= a notable person is called a dignitary. The plural is termed dignitaries. E.g. I would like to request the dignitaries for today's events to light the lamp. 
3. Sandstone= It is a type of sedimentary rock with quartz and sand in it as contents. E.g The yellow sandstone sparkled in the sunlight
4. Bedecked= adorned or decorated. E.g Her crown is bedecked with Sapphires. 
5. Sworn= past participle of swear= to take up a solemn oath. E.g. He was sworn in as the President of the club. 

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Please pick clearly
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These are the words pls give me the meaning with one sentence for each.....
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Experts please answer fast ......
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