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Answer 1. The main features of Mughal architecture were: 

a. Mughal Architecture was a blend of Persian and Indian styles. 
b. Mughal tomb gardens were built in Persian style architecture.They were called chahar bagh (four gardens) because of their symmetrical division into quarters.
c.Material like marbles, bricks were only used but no iron was used. 
d. Buildings were decorated with ornamental art, ad precious stones. The material used was white marble and red stone. 
e. Buildings had decorative panels, geometrical designs and inscriptions. But they did not use any plant or animal figures as it was prohibited by Islam.

Answer 4. Temples were destroyed by invading rulers because they were seen as a symbol of the power, prestige and wealth of a king. The king was viewed as a representative of god. 
Temples were also known as the storehouse of wealth due to the donations given by the king and powerful nobles.Thus, temples were viewed as targets that were to be attacked in the course of battles. Example:Mahmud Ghazni attacked  somnath temple 17 times.
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