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Q.55. When cell has stalled DNA replication fork, which checkpoint should be predominantly activated?
(a) G 1 /S
(b) G 2 /M
(c) M
(d) Both G 2 /M and M

i guess 3
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Nope . Its 2nd option buddy.
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i did know Adyasha that i would be wrong coz i am not a bio student
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It's ok buddy. Chill.
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The correct option is (b).
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Answe 2 8n mtg but answer 1 in akash module I would go for alash because it has predominantly activated that is on G1 cyclin hen ce G1/S is right ppz comments ur answe and let me know if i am wrong
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According to Trueman answer is G1/S But according to Allen answer is G2/M my answer to this question is G1/S
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According to me Ans should be 2 ... replication begins in s phase of if it gets stalled....then checkpoint should be G2/M replication is complete or not can be understood in G2 phase only
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