Please answer this Question.30

Please answer this Question.30 30. A car starts from rest and accelerates uniformly at Ian's: for I *conds It then Constant for next 20 seconds. The brakes are applied and Car uniforrnly retarded and it comes to test in 5 seconds. Draw a velocity-time graph and it to find (a) maximum velocity reached, (c) •acceleration between 10 to 30 secon&. (e) average velocity of the car (b) retardation in last 5 (d) unal distance travelled, -20 m 31. A car travels with a uniform velocity m s-l for 5 S. brakes are applied and car comes to rest with a uniform retardation in a further 10 s. Draw gr*t ami use it to tind

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a) Acceleration is given by slope of v-t grapha=maximum velocitytimemaximum velocity=10×10=100m/se b) retardation=1005=20m/sec squarec) acceleration between 10 to 30sec is zero as slope of graph is zero and the body is moving with constant velocity.d) total distance is the area under graph=12×100×10+100×20+12×5×100=2750me) average velocity=Total displacement/total time=2750/35=78.57m/secREGARDS

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