Please answer this question 

7. Fill in the blanks by choosing the correct options given below: 

(a) You _______ get the car repaired. There is something wrong with the brakes.

(i) might (ii) has to (iii) need (iv) have to

(b) Nobody _________ going to watch his performance. 

(i) are (ii) has (iii) were (iv) is

(c) There isn‟t __________ milk in the glass. 

(i) few (ii) little (iii) much (iv) many

(d) She met _______ European. He had come to see _______ Taj. 

(i) an; the (ii) a; the (iii) the; the (iv) an; a

(e) It __________ since early morning.

(i) is raining (ii) have been raining (iii) has been raining (iv) was raining

(f) You __________ be considerate towards your neighbours. 

(i) will (ii) dare (iii) ought to (iv) need

Dear student,

a. (iv)
b. (iv)
c. (iii)
d. (ii)
e. (iii)
f. (iii)


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