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Please answer this question... a) List any two properties of magnetic field lines. b) Insulation cover of which colour is conventionally used for earth write ? Why is an earth wire connected to metallic parts of electrical appliances ? c) AB is a current carrying conductor in the plane of the paper as shown in the figure. What are the directions of magnetic fields produced by it at points P and Q ? Given rl > 12, where will the strength of the -magnetic field be larger and why ?

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  1. Magnetic field lines are closed continuous curves. They come out from the north pole of a bar magnet and go into its south pole. Inside the magnet they move from south pole to north pole.
  2. A tangent drawn at any point on the magnetic field lines gives the direction of magnetic field at a point, i.e., compass needle align itself along the tangent to the lines of force at that point.

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