Please answer this question 

Complete the paragraph and answer any four of the following by choosing the correct options. 

 In the past few decades Television has become the (a) __________ powerful means of entertainment. With the introduction of many satellite channels, its reach (b) _______ many folds. I am sure you all (c) __________ agree with me that T.V. has become an indispensable gadget in our homes.

(a) (i) more (ii) much (iii) many (iv) most

(b) (i) increases (ii) is increasing (iii) is increased (iv) had increasing 

(c) (i) would (ii) much (iii) could (iv) should

Dear Student,

a) (iv)
b) (iii)
c) (i)



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?) most
B) is increased
C) would......

I guess this should be the answer
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A) *
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