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1. Child abuse is a painful fact in the Indian context. These tender-hearted children are the most exploited fraction of the society by the grown-up adults due to their innocence.
2. India is a developing country which has a huge population below the poverty line.
3. Statistics show that about 10 million children are under child labour in India. The number is alarming for a prosperous nation.
4. Children are deprived of their fundamental rights to learn and enjoy. Instead, they are forced to work in dangerous and hazardous industries and toil away the whole day for a meagre pay.
5. For the children, the situation is neither good at home nor at work. They live without basic facilities and are suppressed by the rich.
6. Though there are many laws protecting children against child labour, effective legislation is the need of hour to implement the laws. The culprits must be brought to  books and ensure that children are not deprived of education, which is the only way forward for them to be successful.

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