please answer this question in about 60 -80 words. 
'Swami went to school feeling that he was the worst perjurer on earth.'Describe Swami's feelings at this point.Why did he feel like 'the worst perjurer'? 

This question is from Father's Help by R.K Narayan.

Swami felt like the worst perjurer as he was not sure of the truthfulness of his complaint about Samuel to his father. He had told his father that he feared going late to school as Samuel, his teacher, would certainly beat him. He used to cane boys and draw blood from their hands. Then, he made the boys put the bleeding hand to their foreheads so that the blood looked like vermilion. Father decided to write a strong letter of complaint to the Headmaster. Swami had tried to gave an excuse for not going to school. But, when the excuse resulted in Father's anger and subsequent letter, he started doubting the honesty of his own words. He questioned himself if Samuel was really the devil he had made him out to be. He felt guilty and scared, thinking that his exaggerated words might result in Samuel's dismissal and ruin.

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