please answer this question

please answer this question Write an e-mail to your aunt telling her how you went on a camping trip with your school and realised the benefits of camping in natural surroundings. You may use the points given. You need to add at least three more points to these. away from gadgets - get to know and appreciate the outdoors - enjoy the fresh air and sunshine - benefits of outdoor activities

Dear student,
Creative writing questions are best answered by the students themselves as it develops their writing skills. however, the body of the E-mail can be as follows:
Dear aunt,
How are you doing? I am doing fine. I just came back from the camping trip that was organised by my school. I was sceptical at first as to whether I would enjoy myself, but I had the time of my life!
The journey to the camp site itself was fun. We saw the sunrise from the bus and it was beautiful. When the instructors told us that we had to give up all our gadgets for the duration of the trip, I was devastated! But I have not understood that we can enjoy without using gadgets also. I felt that I was closer to nature. I noticed and enjoyed the small things like the chirping of birds, the sound of insects etc. I honestly enjoyed just being present and not being lost on my mobile all the time. I also spent quality time with my friends. I now think that I'll make efforts to stay away from gadgets and appreciate nature more.
Hope to hear back from you at the earliest.


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