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Please answer this questions A) Do the activities as instructed : 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) Make meaningful sentence by using the given phrase . 'for the betterment of Humanity' Use the given adverb in your own sentence : 'academically' Choose the correct homograph from the bracket and rewrite the sentence. It was difficult to relocate so many people from the different (Sight, Sites) (08) (01) (01) (01) I prays for you, for your well beings. (Read the sentence, pick out the errors and rewrite) (01) using the letters in the given word, frame minimum 4 words having 4 letters or more. (01) Reverberated - Identify the type cf sentence . (01) Don't make a mass of thing. Fill in the blanks with infinitive, gerund or present participle. (01) I would like music. (Understanding, understood, to understand) Punctuate the sentence and rewrite. (01) I told him I like anything by bing Crosby.

Dear Student.
  1. We have to think collectively for the betterment of humanity.
  2. He is academically very strong.
  3. sites
  4. I pray for you and your well being.
  5. Relocated, registered, recreation, regression.
  6. Imperative 
  7. to understand
  8. I told him, "I like anything by Crosby."
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