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please answer this 3. -Answer the following questions in your own words. a. b. c. d. Write the charateristics of subkingdom Phanerogams. Distinguish between monocots and dicots. Write a paragraph in your own words about the ornamental plants called ferns. Sketch, label and describe the Spirogyra.

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The plants belonging to the phanerogams are as follows: (1) phanerogams are characterised by the presence of flowers,fruits and seeds. (2)phanerogams are further classified into gymnosperms & angiosperm. (3)in gymnosperm the seeds are naked while in a angiosperm the seeds are enclosed in fruits
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a. plants which have special structures for reproduction and produce seeds are called phanerogams. In this plants, after the progress of reproduction, seeds are formed which contains the embryo and stored food. During germination of the seed, the stored food is used for initial growth of the embryo. During upon weather seeds are enclosed in a fruit or not, phanerogams are classified into gymnosperms and angiosperms
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b. Monocots
1. The embryo in a monocot seed has one cotyledon.
2. The sepals of petals are in multiple of 3.
3. The steam vascular bundles are scattered.
4. The leaves have parallel venation.
5. They have fibrous root.

1. The embryo in dicot seed has two cotyledons.
2. The sepal and petals are in multiples of 4,5.
3. The steam vascular bundles are arranged in a ring.
4. The leaves are reticulate venation.
5. They have tap-roots.

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