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Dear Student,   

Your question is incomplete. However, since you have tagged the question under the topic 'Figures of Speech', I am assuming that you want to know the figures of speech used in the statements given by you. 
Accordingly, here is the answer : 

9. Alliteration (Kitty, kit, kat - all start with letter k)
10. Alliteration - ( busy, bee - all start with b)
11. Alliteration (can, clam, cram, clean, cream, can - all start with letter c)
12. Alliteration ( shoe, shine, sheep - all start with s)
13. Metaphor ( You are compared with a monkey)
14. Consonance ( Kitten, chicken, Kitchen - end with similar sounding words)
15. Metaphor ( He is compared to a Lion)

If this is not what you had in mind, please repost the clear and complete query in a new thread. Our experts will be happy to help you there. 


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