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Please answer APEEJAY SCHOOL NOIDA CLASS 6 ENGLISH WORKSHEET (6) ADJECTIVES Order Of adjectives —opinion---size— Rewrite the sentence after correcting the order of adjectives. I) The coffee made a brown small stain on the shirt. 2) My mother bought a Kashmiri red woollen praying mat. 3) This porcelain blue Japanese vase is very attractive. 4) It is a venetian lovely flower vase. 5) There are metal red four chairs in the kitchen. 6) You will need hiking leather comfortable boots. 7) The Indian entire team played well. 8) The branch has a pointed long stem with pink tiny flowers. 9) This is my granny's white and black perfect photograph. 10) This is ancient tall banyan tree. II) We need colourful large six shæts to make these flowers. 12) We bought a leather black laptop bag yesterday.

Dear Student,
  1. The coffee made a small brown stain on the shirt.
  2. My mother bought a red woollen Kashmiri praying mat.
  3. This blue Japanese porcelain vase is very attractive.
  4. It is a lovely venetian flower vase.
  5. There are four red metal chairs in the kitchen.
  6.  You will need comfortable leather hiking boots.
  7. The entire Indian team played well.
  8. The branch has a long pointed stem with tiny pink flowers
  9. This is my granny's perfect black and white photograph.
  10. This is tall ancient banyan tree.
  11. We need six large colourful sheets to make these flowers.
  12. We brought a black leather laptop bag yesterday.

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