Please answwr Q.7

Please answwr Q.7 Q. 3. Your class teacher has an tour to the Pink Q. 4. As a student, write an email to teacher, Mrs. Matt, thankin stones by Rudyard Kipong that made holiday more enjoyable. Sign Q. s. write a paragraph on HOII. (100 words) Q6. Fill the gaps With suitable verbs: SECTION C : GRAMMAR a) The tree is easy (Climbing/Climbed/to Climb) b) Break, Broke (Broker, breaker, broken), c) in the Sun is harmful to eyes. (Walks/walking/ Q. 7. Tenses (correct the sentences below):. a) He does not writes a letter. b) Did they played football? Q 8. Change the voice: a) A delicious meal was cooked by Amrita. b) Turn off the tap after use. Q. 9.Fill in the blanks with suitable adverbs; a) Hc is kind to help us. (Sincerc/vcry/honcst/ccrtain) b) Dhoni behaved in critical situation. (Coolly/cool/n c) Sony televisions are expensive. (short/quite/nice/ Q. 10. Fill in blanks with correct option: that beautiful flower? (of/ i a) Can you tell me the name me. (to/with/but/into) b) Shashi will have a match the tree. (But/into/under/arou c) Can you see a peacock Q. 11. Select the right option and correct the sentences:. a) We did not go to school too it was holiday. (because/ either) b) I will not go into the room of I am called. ( Because/until) c) Apoorva speaks English. She knows Sanskrit whereas.(until/t Q 12 . Select the correct antonym for: a) Bright (dull/freedom) b) Brave (coward/guitty) *Bilt

a] He does not write a letter.
b] Did they play football?
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